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Moving to Conservers is currently working on cataloging comPosts sites in the area. This is a working page towards publishing a directory that lets citizens know where they can drop off their compost.


Why compost?

  • Food scraps and other organic material turns to soil and can be used to grow food and flowers (food for pollinators).
  • Organics in landfills break down anaerobically (without oxygen) to produce methane gas, a greenhouse gas 21 times more harmful than CO2.
  • Keeps a valuable resource out of the landfill.
  • Waste less water since compost helps with moisture retention.
  • Reduce civic costs for waste collection and thereby reduce fuel use.
  • Extend the life of landfills.

Why a directory of drop-off locations?

  • Some of our members do not have the space or facilities to compost at home.
  • Some of our members who do have the space prefer to donate their scraps to gardens and farms so that it can be used for local food production.



Looking for our Compost Drop-off Directory?

You can find our directory of community compost drop-off locations here:

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