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Antarctica’s ice is shrinking at an unprecedented rate that could imperil coastal regions worldwide

The Antarctic ice sheet lost nearly 3 trillion metric tons of ice from 1992 to 2017, and its rate of loss over that time tripled in West Antarctica, according to an international collaboration involving about 80 scientists.

The finding, published Wednesday in the journal Nature, reveals that the continent’s ice is shrinking at an unprecedented rate and could mean an even higher sea level rise by 2100. That would have serious implications for the environment and for people living in coastal regions around the world.

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Entertainment Activists & 36 Nonprofits to Duke Energy CEO: Help Avert Climate, Social Chaos before It’s Too Late for Us All — News Release from NC WARN

We urge the news media to help the public understand these key points, the scientific support for each being well established:

Urgency: Leading scientists indicate the climate tipping point is likely within five years unless dramatic actions are taken.
Duke Energy’s greenhouse emissions are rising due to methane venting and leaking from its massive expansion of “natural” gas from fracking.
Curbing such methane emissions is essential to slowing global warming – and can have immediate, positive impacts.
Clean energy solutions are cheaper, create far more jobs and are well-positioned to replace coal and gas-fired generation.
Duke Energy claims to be green – but is only 2% renewable in the Carolinas and plans to peak at only 7% years from now.

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Sidelining Science Since Day One – How the Trump Administration Has Harmed Public Health and Safety in Its First Six Months

Never in my lifetime would I have imagined national leadership would make the stupefaction of the people an overt goal. This administration is committed to obliterating knowledge and discrediting the human mind. The Union of Concerned Scientists is a focal point for battling the damage perpetrated on us all by this administration.

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Trump gutted the Clean Power Plan, but Congress can still clear the air

lmost immediately after the Clean Power Plan was published, dozens of state attorneys general sued the Obama administration, alleging the rules were illegal. They were led by Pruitt, then the Oklahoma attorney general and the chairman of the Republican Attorneys General Association. Despite the Supreme Court’s finding that the Clean Air Act allowed the EPA to regulate carbon dioxide, they argued that this plan, the Clean Power Plan, was illegal.

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