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Built Not Bought

Consider this. In all our imperfections, “Man’s capacity for justice makes democracy possible, but man’s inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary.” (Reinhold Niebuhr). Support those who would protect and improve democracy by championing the lives of our working people: Sam Edney, Norm Bossert and Phillip Price.

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No Time for Ethical Ambivalence or Absence of Courage

Courage requires more than words, it requires action. And it requires taking action with the full knowledge that there would probably be consequences, both personal and public. True courage, according to Kennedy (“Profiles in Courage”), meant a willingness to live with those consequences — even if they meant electoral defeat.

Our state, and indeed, the nation, now face some of the most compelling moral and civic issues since the Civil War, and this is no time for Cody Henson’s ethical ambivalence and lack of political courage. Nor for ours.

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Transylvania Indivisible Endorsement- Sam Edney, NC House District 113

Transylvania Indivisible supports the candidacy of Sam Edney based on three issues that we believe to be of highest priority. First, he supports the Founding Fathers’ commitment to “One Voice, One Vote”, and is opposed to silencing voices by gerrymandering, regardless of which party is in control. Second, Sam understands the impact of health care availability and accessibility on the economy, on families and on individuals. He believes that the legislature must support expanding Medicaid. Thirdly, he understands that a significant element of our economy and quality of life, our fresh water resources, are in serious jeopardy and stands for regulation enforcement that will protect them.

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