Rep. Lee calls bullshit

…The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.  The lack of empathy, the lack of caring, the lack of awareness of the consequences of easy gun access, the lack of connection to reality, is just sickening.

Here’s a genuine Donald Trump Jr quote from a promo video he did for SilencerCo, which makes tens of millions selling gun accessories including silencers:

“It’s about hearing protection.  It’s a health issue, frankly, for me.  Getting little kids into the game, it greatly reduces recoil.  It’s just a great instrument.”

Sure, get little kids into the “game,” so they think this insanity is normal and the resulting national carnage is just the way things are!  And hey, maybe when they grow up they’d even like to mow down all the classmates who pissed them off with an all-legal silencer and bump stock-equipped AR-15 (semi-automatic version of the M-16)!

Going on to gushingly say the silencer he’s using is “awesome,” Colluder-in-Chief’s spawn gazes at the camera with what passes in that family for a sincere look, and says “It’s about safety.”  He and his macho-looking interviewer, the CEO of SilencerCo, share a whinefest about how hunters end up with hearing loss, since apparently none of them have ever heard of hearing protection worn on the ears.  Then the spawn repeats in heartfelt tones, “It’s about safety.”

Sure, it’s about safety.  For the shooter.  It make him more safe from getting caught.

Former FBI agent Clint Watts cuts to the heart:

“I don’t understand what civilian purpose a silencer would be used for.  The whole reason you have a silencer is to try and hide the fact that you’re shooting a weapon.”

Helps the shooter safely kill more, too.  In the quote from the above screen-cap, asking how many more would have died, Rep. Lee is talking about the Los Vegas massacre, but the same would apply to Parkland.  Or any other mass shooting.  Or any other shooting.  People know when to flee and find cover, and where the shots are coming from, when they hear them.

The Republican silencer bill, which will make it much easier for deadly lunatics like the one who just killed 17 kids to hide the fact that they’re shooting weapons, was stayed after the Vegas shooting but is still live.  That’s in spite of opposition from law enforcement, who aren’t keen on assault rifles being easily available either.

Republicans, funded by the NRA and Russia via the NRA, don’t give a shit.  In their Orwellian “war is peace” way, they call this massacre-empowering legislation “The Hearing Protection Act.”  Because it’s all about safety, you know.  Empowering mass killers to create more death, chaos and terror in the USA and force more American parents to bury their kids fits in well with Putin’s plans, and apparently the NRA’s, too.

Watch the video, if you can without throwing up.  It’s from Now This, which credits the Washington Post. Click HERE…