Dear Reader, the beauty of a fact is it’s true, whether you believe in it or not.

I’m David Williams: husband, father, grandfather. I’m a son, brother, cousin, uncle, friend, educator, citizen, and voter, all here in Transylvania County, my home since 1958. It is my fondest wish that the rest of the world would sort itself out and leave us alone to get on with our lives, lives here well lived. That’s not how the world works, though, so I choose to stay involved in it and to share with you how I see it affecting Transylvania County. Facts are true. The truth can no longer be driven by right versus left, creating “alternative facts”, but must emerge from decisions about right versus wrong. With the facts in hand, it is my hope you will be empowered to distinguish right from wrong and let the truths you uncover be your guide. Then, you, and only you, get to decide how you feel about it, what you value, and how you will live those truths. When you have done so, we can all trust that you will, like us, “Be Right There” when your community calls.