The NC State Legislature has stolen our votes by drawing voting maps that disadvantage any politician not a Republican. On October 4, we will march in silent protest, to represent the thousands of stolen voices across this state.

On Wednesday 10/04 @ 10am we will meet in front of the Duke Energy Center at 2 E. South Street in Raleigh. We will march north on Fayetteville St. until reaching the Capitol, turn right on to E. Morgan Street for half a block, then turn left onto S. Wilmington St. to the Legislative Building.

For visual effect marchers are asked to consider covering their mouth with Black Tape (supplied by the organizers) or a black bandana/scarf.  Please wear a white shirt, and any posters or signs should be relevant to gerrymandering (see below) and/or voting rights.  We need a strong consistent statement to capture media and the public’s attention.

The March will conclude with a press conference scheduled at 11am on the General Assembly lawn.  The Legislature resumes special session at noon, so we expect to have a signficant impact on news coverage that day.

Messages to use on Posters:

  • Fair districts
  • Drawing non-partisan voting maps
  • Impartial, transparent, fair
  • Language that regular voters understand: Elections should represent the will of the people. When politicians are allowed to draw their own maps, they manipulate the system to keep themselves in power. We need to make the process of drawing electoral maps impartial and transparent, so that our government is of, by and for the people.
  • For drawing fair voting maps we need: 1) an open, unbiased process with citizen participation and access at all levels and steps of the process; and 2) impartial criteria that does NOT take into account the address or location of incumbents or the party affiliation or prior voting history of residents.

The process of drawing voting maps should itself be democratic. The current process is an “incumbent protection racket”.

Gerrymandering protects incumbents and makes it harder for young people to become involved and run.

Gerrymandering affects the quality of representation.

Gerrymandering is a violation of majority rule. With gerrymandering, the people in our legislature don’t represent us.

Voters do not feel represented.  People don’t like to be manipulated, and people said they did not like the idea of being manipulated by gerrymandering.

People want politicians to be accountable. Elections should represent the will of the people, every vote matters.

The issue is power versus the people.

Redistricting must NOT be based on protection of incumbents.

Politicians should be answerable to the people. Many people believe it is essential to live in a democracy.

The government is no longer under the people’s control – for young people to have a chance, the old politicians should not be allowed to gerrymander in their own favor to keep themselves and power.