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December 4
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    Fight the Tax Bill Rally - 5:00PM MONDAY, 12/4 VANCE MONUMENT, Asheville

    5:00 pm-6:00 pm

    Received from Indivisible WNC

    We will be joining other Indivisible groups in WNC tomorrow at 5:00 at Vance Monument to rally and protest the tax bill.  We are putting together speakers and want to have as large a presence as possible.

    Please join us tomorrow.  Bring signs, voices, people.  I will be handing out necklaces showing how many people will lose healthcare and how much $$$ the rich will be receiving.
    Will post on Facebook also.  CARPOOL IF YOU CAN.
    There will also be a rally on Tuesday in Hickory and a meeting at McHenry’s office on Wednesday.  Let me know if you wish to be involved with those efforts and I will forward you the information once I receive it.
    Thanks for your efforts.  We must resist. We can’t stand by quietly and let them hurt our fellow Americans