Everytime you reduce your use of fossil fuels, it is an act of resistance.  #BeTheParisAgreement

Take your own table settings to potlucks

While the US may have withdrawn from the Paris Agreement, individuals really drive the impact of that.  Every time a fossil fuel powered vehicle is used it impacts our earth.  Transportation of resources and products have a huge impact on the earth.  The best way I know to support the Paris Agreement as an individual is to reduce my use of products, especially disposable products. Reduced demand equals reduced pollution.

In our home, we have set a goal of becoming zero waste.  Zero waste means a lot of things to a lot of people and there are countless resources on the subject.  For us, at the moment it means generating no garbage.  We are close to that goal and it has been a lot easier than I imagined.

We basically started by looking at our trash can and seeing what took up the most space and found a way to eliminate it or reduce it.  Right now we take one 30 gallon bag of garbage to the dump every 6 months.

A lot of folks have asked us to share our experience so we are.  Here is one of the things we do to #BeTheParisAgreement.

Take your own plates, napkins, cups and silverware to potlucks and any community meal where disposal products are used.  We use camp plates, cloth napkins, travel cups and silverware.