Confused about the status of our Legislative Maps? You’re not alone.

The back and forth of district drawing has cost NC taxpayers over $57million. Each time the NCGOP maps are struck down in court they appeal and ask for additional chances to re-draw. But last year, when tasked with re-drawing the 28 racially gerrymandered legislative districts, they took it upon themselves to re-draw a few others in Wake and Mecklenburg counties, just because. Of particular interest is NC36 in Wake County, where they drew out two Democratic challengers to Rep. Nelson Dollar.

We all know by now the court assigned Special Master Persily in the end to come up with fair districts, which were approved and ready to go in time for candidate filing which opened yesterday. However, at the last minute SCOTUS determined that only the districts subject to the racial gerrymanders needed to be used, and the other districts re-drawn (in Wake and Meck.) for no valid reason would not be subject to Persily’s adjustments.

This threw everyone for a loop, except the GOP who, once again, have been able to manipulate the system for their own gain. Since they re-drew the extra districts mid-decade – which is against the NC Constitution’s law of only redistricting after the census each decade – the matter was out of the hands of the Federal Court since it is a state law. With no time left for the state courts to intervene or hear a new lawsuit, the illegal districts drawn mid-decade will stand. 

All we have left in defense for this upcoming election is our vote.

This has to change… Get out the vote.

For a more thorough description on this, click HERE.