On August 17th, Transylvania NAACP organized a community gathering that called for citizens to show up in front of the Old Courthouse in downtown Brevard at 4 pm, wearing black.

Their email read as follows:

Transylvania NAACP

The President of the United States has stepped across a line from which there is no return. His tacit support of neo-Nazi groups who mounted the violent protest in Charlottesville  MUST galvanize us into action.

Silence is assent. Saying you are “not political” means that you are in agreement with the president’s unconscionable support for white supremacists.

The NAACP has, for 108 years, stood for ALL of us: for civil rights, for equal rights, for fair wages, for women’s rights and the rights of ALL who have been marginalized in our society.

We of the Transylvania NAACP remain committed to that struggle. Will you join us? Will you raise your voice for all the ideals that American stands for? If you are white, your voice is needed now more than ever to stand against racism, anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry and hatred. Your country needs you now more than ever. Where do you stand?

Yes, the NAACP has always been nonpartisan. But we are very political and we will continue to speak for social justice. As our NC NAACP state president, Bishop William Barber says, “We have no permanent friends, we have no permanent enemies.”

Let us add to that: The NAACP will ALWAYS stand on the side of what is right.


Thursday, Aug. 17, 4 p.m. in front of the courthouse.
Please wear black.
The response was amazing.  I was filled with joy, hope and love.  It was the largest and most diverse crowd I have seen at an event in Brevard since we started gathering in January.
Thanks to everyone who showed up and spoke up!