Many thanks to Brevard High School for showing SHARECROP – stories from the South’s forgotten farmers.

This was a striking film, mostly because it was a collection of interviews of sharecropping farmers; stories of the very poor, red, white and black.  Our country has been and continues to be built on the back of the poor.  This film to me showed how slavery was continued through this practice into the 1970’s!

Slavery is still in practice.  It continues by not paying a living wage to employees.  We are paying corporations welfare, not our hard-working citizens.  NO ONE should work a full-time job in this country and not be able to afford to eat and have a roof over their head.

Our president is a racist and those he surrounds himself with are the plantation owners of today.  It is the time we stop voting with our dollars to continue this practice.  There is much we can do!

Stop supporting big banks for example.  Use a local credit union.  Stop investing in those who continue to keep our citizens oppressed.  We are losing our middle class.  What are you going to do about it?  Start by watching this film.  Do something.  We need you.