While out of town a friend contacted us and asked if we wanted to attend the Vagina Monologue play being put on as a benefit for SAFE.  Sure, we said!  I had seen clips of the play a long time ago and thought I knew what we had signed up for.  I was partially wrong.  I did not expect the power of the production.  I mean I did expect it to be powerful but not like it was.

I consider myself a strong, independent woman.  I have served most of my life in jobs where I was the only female in the ranks.  I have had many #metoo moments in the military, government jobs, you name it.  But sitting in the audience and listening to the women acting out the stories of other woman was empowering.  Really empowering.  It made me realize I am “victim” to some of the mass thinking about women and our bodies.

I enjoyed watching these women stand up and shout out their love for themselves, their power and their experiences.  I enjoyed the freedom these women shared with a crowd of strangers.  Their strength, their strength, their strength.

I was also struck by the immense diversity our community shares and enjoys.  I am struck by the love we share for each other and the respect we give to those who put themselves out there, open their hearts and our minds.

Thanks to all the women who shared their love for their vaginas Friday evening.  You make our world a better place.


You can see a story from the Transylvania Times here:

On Feb. 23 and Feb. 24 at 8 p.m. V-Day Brevard and Asheville will present a benefit reading of Eve Ensler’s award winning play

Source: Play To Benefit SAFE, Helpmate – Brevard, NC – The Transylvania Times