Government only exists by the consent of the governed.”

As we anticipated in late July (see post HERE), our public lands, enjoyed and loved by people across the country, are under attack like never before. That post reported on President Trumps’ executive order to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke that he review the National Monuments (many of which honor or support powerless people).

According to a report from the Trust for Public Land, The Secretary has now done so, and has recommended the largest elimination of protections for public lands in U.S. history. President Trump wants Congress to approve a budget that will cut the Land & Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) budget by 84%. And the House of Representatives will be voting on H.R. 3990 that will strip the Antiquities Act—an act that has helped protect iconic national monuments like the Grand Canyon and Bears Ears—down to worthless scraps.

If these attacks on public lands hit home—beautiful places like Bears Ears National Monument and the Appalachian Trail could be ruined forever.

The Trump administration has made countless attacks on the environment and treasured lands of our country and H.R. 3990 has been fast-tracked in a perilous move to strip away the remaining protections for our public lands.

To see what monuments the LWCF has helped fund, click HERE. We still have time to head off this reckless legislation, but we must act now.

“Government only exists by the consent of the governed.”  

Your power is your consent. Withhold it and keep withholding it. Let Secretary Zinke and your Congressional delegation know you support full funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, as well as preservation of the Antiquities Act.

Contact Ryan Zinke at: SECRETARY ZINKE: (202) 208-7351; EXSEC@IOS.DOI.GOV; @RYANZINKE

H.R. 3990 must be defeated in Congress. It’s time for an avalanche of calls, Tweets, FAXes and emails to our representatives to get it stopped in the House.

Not sure who your elected officials are? Click HERE.