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Food Stamps Cuts Could Hit Rural America Hardest

As the farm bill, and with it the fate of some of our most critical federal assistance programs, continues to play out over the course of the next year, we’ll continue to highlight data that sheds light on the reality of food access and SNAP use in rural America and beyond—and how elected officials can use this information to make policy decisions that protect us all. Stay tuned.

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The Farm Bill: An Opportunity to Change Our Food System for the Better

From farm to fork, our food system should be something we are proud of, one that supports farmers, makes healthy food available for everyone, and protects the environment we all depend upon. The Farm Bill may sound like something only a policy wonk would care about. But with $956 billion in investments, it affects all parts of our food system and touches all of our lives, every day.

Who farmers are, what they grow, how they grow it, who can afford it—the Farm Bill shapes the answers to these questions and more, with huge implications for our health, our economy, social justice, and the environment.

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Strengthening SNAP for Rural and Urban America (2017)

The US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has long played a critical role in reducing food insecurity and alleviating poverty in America. SNAP is the first line of defense against hunger and a critical source of support for more than 21 million American households. The reauthorization process now underway raises threats to the structure and function of SNAP. Given the broad reach and the demonstrated effectiveness of the program, providing adequate SNAP funding to increase the purchasing power of low income individuals and families is a strategic long-term investment in our nation’s economic security and long-term health.

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One thing Democrats and Republicans apparently agree on: Destabilizing the banking sector again

The list of problems with the legislation goes on. It rips consumer protections away from mortgage borrowers. It exempts 85% of banks and credit unions from supplying data used to detect discriminatory lending practices. There are a few crumbs for consumers, but nothing that justifies the widespread weakening of financial rules. Banks, including the community banks that allegedly need relief, are enjoying record profits. And the Trump administration doesn’t need any help deregulating the financial sector; they’re busily doing that on their own.

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