Author: David Williams

Rigged: How Voter Suppression Threw Wisconsin to Trump

Republicans were explicit about the purposes of these [voter rules] changes as well. On the floor of the state Senate, Grothman said of extended early voting hours in heavily Democratic cities like Madison and Milwaukee, “I want to nip this in the bud before too many other cities get on board.” (Roughly 514,000 Wisconsinites voted early in 2012; they favored Obama over Mitt Romney by 58 to 41 percent, according to exit polls.) The county clerk of conservative Waukesha County said early voting gave “too much access” to voters in Milwaukee and Madison. Judge Peterson later ruled the early voting cuts had been passed “to suppress the reliably Democratic vote of Milwaukee’s African Americans.”

“The Wisconsin experience,” Peterson said, “demonstrates that a preoccupation with mostly phantom election fraud leads to real incidents of disenfranchisement, which undermine rather than enhance confidence in elections, particularly in minority communities.”

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FULL Jeff Sessions Al Franken TENSE Exchange During Senate Judiciary Hearing 10/18/17

This hearing came after a tumultuous summer for Sessions, during which he was publicly derided by the President over his recusal from the Russian meddling investigation, served as the face of the administration’s decision to rescind DACA and as his department suffered setbacks in the courts in trying to implement key pieces of the President’s agenda, a fresh one coming Tuesday when a federal court blocked the third travel ban from going into effect and a second judge followed suit in part on Wednesday. Sessions defended the travel ban in his opening statements on Wednesday, saying it was an “important step” for national security. “It is a lawful and necessary order that we are proud to defend,” Sessions said. “We’re confident that we will prevail as time goes by in the Supreme Court.”

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2 Senators Strike Deal on Health Subsidies That Trump Cut Off

Another leading conservative, Representative Mark Meadows of North Carolina, the chairman of the hard-line House Freedom Caucus, described the agreement as a “good start,” but said “much more work needs to be done.”

“Most importantly,” he added, “it bears repeating: Republicans cannot allow short-term solutions to become a distraction to repealing and replacing Obamacare — something we’ve promised to do for seven years.”

Leave it to Mark Meadows to oppose an effort to insure the health care of millions of American people. He just can’t stand that anything of President Obama might endure. I can’t help but wonder- is it possible Obama’s skin color has something to do with that? Meadows is malignant hate and must go.

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GOP lawmakers and major donors warn of a 2018 ‘bloodbath’ if they don’t pass tax cuts for the rich

So the rich donors are equally as desperate to give themselves a tax cut as Republican lawmakers are to do so in order to keep to control of Congress. That said, passing tax cuts poses many of the same problems for the GOP as trying to repeal health care: they all want it done, but similar divisions apply between the party’s right-wing nihilists, slightly more moderate members, and the so-called deficit hawks, all from varying regions of the country. Let us resist with all the passion we have.

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