Author: David Williams

Call to Action- Trump to Scrap Critical Cost-Sharing Subsidies to Kill Obamacare (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act)

The White House announced Thursday night that President Donald Trump would end cost-sharing-reduction payments, a move that could wreck the Affordable Care Act’s individual insurance exchanges and send healthcare costs soaring for many Americans. The repeal seems like a petty response to Congress’ inability to ‘Repeal and Replace’. This is a Call to Action. Call now.

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Is plan to cancel 2018 judicial primaries a tip that NC voters will be asked to abandon election of judges?

The General Assembly has cancelled the judicial primaries for 2018. Governor Cooper stated in Asheville last night that this indicates the intention of the General Assembly to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot in May primaries which would give the legislature the power to appoint judges. This is a bad move, especially in light of an unconstitutionally constituted Legislature. It is time for the judiciary to disband this pack of predators.

Given the choice between voters electing judges versus the legislature appointing judges, I trust voters over the legislature.

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Right-to-Lifers Look for a New Hostage for Their Demands

Republicans frustrated by their Senate conference’s serial failure to repeal and replace Obamacare are beginning to back away from threats to extend the battle right on into the autumn. Lindsey Graham and Ron Johnson, both members of the Senate Budget Committee, had been pledging to vote against any FY 2018 budget resolution that didn’t authorize another run at Obamacare.

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